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8 days Adventure and historical tour of Ghana

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Arrive in Accra, Ghana.

Transfer from the airport to your hotel for a welcome drink and orientation.


After breakfast, undertake a sightseeing city tour of Accra.

Visit some of the highlights in Accra like the Osu Chief's Palace for an insight on the history of the Ga people.

Visit the Osu castle, Built by the Danes around 1659 and originally called Christiansburg Castle, Osu Castle was the seat of government until 2013, when the president and his office moved to Flagstaff House. It remains closed to visitors for the time being, and photographs are not allowed.

Visit the old colonial neighbourhoods of James Town and Usher Town, an interesting area to explore on foot. Also, visit the old fishing harbour, climb to the Usher Lighthouse, stroll through the fishing communities and optionally wander around the Mokola Market.

Continue your way to the Independence Square and the Kwame Nkrumah Memorial Mausoleum, the final resting place of the first president of Ghana.

Visit the Artist Alliance Gallery and the Art Centre, where traditional arts craftworks among wooden sculptures and paintings, and Ghanaian fabrics are displayed.

Take a break for a refreshing lunch at a local restaurant.

Resume your tour to pay a visit to the W.E.B. Du Bois Memorial Centre. The Museum is dedicated to Mr. Du Bois, a prominent American pan-African of the 20th century.

During weekdays, you can visit the workshop of Trashy Bags, where they make different types of accessories out of plastic trash.

Return to your hotel for dinner and relaxation


Depart to the Central Region to visit the infamous forts, castles and slave dungeons of Ghana, where you will experience the physical history of the slave trade, the impact of which is still felt beyond the shores of Africa to date.

Visit the Cape Coast Castle, which was built by the Swedes in 1653 and later taken over by the British. The castle also holds the West African Historical Museum, established by the Smithsonian Institute in collaboration with the government of Ghana in 1994.

Take a lunch at a local restaurant.

Visit the Elmina Castle built by the Portuguese in 1482 and also known as St. George's Castle. This castle was the first European structure built in Sub - Saharan Africa. The Castle offers one of West Africa's greatest spots for photography, especially at the peak of the sunset. Also, visit the Java Museum.

Visit Fort St. Jago built by the Dutch in 1665 on St. George Hill. It is from this vantage point that the Dutch launched their successful land attack on Elmina Castle in 1637. The fort was built primarily to provide military protection to the Elmina Castle and to serve as a disciplinary institution for European convicts.

Continue to your resort for dinner and relaxation. You could take a leisurely walk along the beach to see the fisher folks going about their fishing activities under the exit of the beautiful sunset.

Do not forget to take photos of the spectacular sunset.


After a hearty breakfast, depart to explore the historic Kakum National Park, one of West Africa's surviving tropical rain forests, spanning over 360sq km and filled with diverse and dense vegetation. A blend of true rainforest and semi deciduous forest, Kakum is the home to over 40 large mammals, 400 bird species and a breathtaking array of butterflies, flora and fauna.

The most popular attraction in the forest is the Canopy walkway which is made up of seven bridges extending 330m and hanging 40m above the forest floor. Undertake a 2-kilometer nature walk through the forest to discover the wide variety of exotic floral species and the medicinal values they offer or take a canopy walkway which hangs 100 feet above the forest floor or an over view of the rain forest while enjoying the tuning sounds of whispering birds.

Visit the Posuban Military Shrine, where the Asafo companies, (Fanti traditional soldiers), prepare spiritually for war. These shrines are wonderful examples of how art is used in the daily lives of Ghanaians.

If desired, meet the Chief fisherman and his entourage in one of the fishing communities for a discussion on how they go about their fishing methods, sales and preservation of their catch.

Continue to your resort for dinner and relaxation at the beach.


After breakfast, depart to the Western Region of Ghana is an integrated complex of beautiful safe beaches and African touch beach resorts. It has the largest collection of European settlements and monuments.

Upon arrival, check-in at your hotel and enjoy an early lunch.

Visit Ankasa Conservation Area, The area still holds over 600 butterfly species with many endemic species have been recorded, and the network of streams in the area is an important breeding ground for many of the fish species in the region as well as being of an important watershed for the rivers west and south of the Protected Area With many yet-to-be discovered plants and animal species, Ankasa offers a virgin laboratory for scientists and students. The park is equally conducive for religious and recreational tourism. Nature Walk
Undertake a guided walk through the rain forest. Although forest animals are difficult to see (because of the closed vegetation), visitors can hear calls from many species, especially monkeys that can sometimes be seen jumping from tree to tree in the canopy.

The Bamboo Cathedral
Visit the spectacular Bamboo Cathedral, which is located at Nkwanta about 8km from the Ankasa gate of the Park; the site showcases nature's perfect architectural design. The Bamboo Cathedral has become a very popular site for visitors. This site offers a quite environment for visitors.

The Water Falls
Visit the waterfalls of the rainforest, a fascinating spectacle formed by the streams and rivers of the forest. The breezes along the rivers and rattling noise of the waterfalls are a delight to tourists. The potential for canoeing is also possible.

The Big tree
Also visit the "Big Tree" (Tieghemella) one of the tallest trees in Ankasa forest. Towering well over 20 metres, this tree offers a unique opportunity to see what a good rainforest can have as trees. This species is commonly used by forest elephants to scratch their thick skin and visitors might happen to see recent signs of elephant scratch or might even be lucky enough to see an elephant in the rarely seen act. Return to your hotel for dinner and relaxation.


After breakfast, undertake another short morning hike in the forest and continue your journey to Axim, home to sub-Saharan Africa's second oldest fort, and its main attractions are its beaches, its rich history and culture, and the architectural diversity of its buildings.

Along the way, visit Nzulezo stilt village, which is close to the Ivory Coast border. Nzulezo means 'surface water' in the Nzema language. You would spend close to one hour on the water by boat before you reach the stilt village. The community is one of the few settlements in the world still living in stilt houses.

Arrive in Axim, check-in to your resort and enjoy a refreshing lunch.

After lunch, undertake any of the activities below. (Discuss with the driver)
Enjoy a guided tour of Fort San Antonio, courtesy of the Ghana Museums and Monuments Board, the legal custodian of Ghana's material cultural heritage. The Fort is open to the public daily, between 7:30 am and 6:30 pm.

With the help of a trained local guide, take a walking or cycling tour of the lower and upper townships, reliving their colonial and commercial past, and observing the present lifestyle of the townspeople, who belong to the Nzema and Evalue ethnic groups.

Tour Boboewusi Island and the lighthouse run by the Ghana Ports and Harbours Authority. When you climb to the top of the lighthouse, you will discover a fantastic view of the countryside, long stretches of sandy beach, and the exuberance of Axim Township.

Take a canoe trip up the Ankobra River or join experienced local fishermen on their sea fishing expeditions in wooden dugout canoes with outboard motors. The fishermen go to sea every day except Tuesday (when tradition forbids them from doing so).

Optionally enjoy sun bathing and swimming at Axim's pristine sandy beaches. You might see whales and dolphins at Axim Beach, between October and April of every year. Sea turtles are regularly sighted between August and March (especially during the peak period of October to December) or hike to the idyllic village beyond Awunakrom.

Please take caution when surfing or swimming in the waters of the beach, as the waters act unfriendly most of the times.

Return to your resort for dinner and relaxation.


After breakfast, undertake any of the activities above in Axim and continue your journey to Butre, a small fishing village located on a sheltered bay by a forest, between the communities of Busua and Asemkaw, about 20 kilometres southwest of Takoradi. Now home to nearly 400 inhabitants, largely from the Ahanta ethnic group, Butre was among the early historical towns generated by 17th century inter-European and inter-African conflict.

Upon arrival, check-in at your resort and begin your tour by taking a stroll through Butre village, observing the local culture, traditions and livelihood of the Ahanta people. Hike up the hill to the ruins of Fort Batenstein, to enjoy amazing 360 degree views of the village, coast, lagoon, rock formations, forest, fields and hills. Caution: the climb to the fort is steep and not for the faint-hearted or paddle into the wild on a traditional dug-out canoe, on Butre Lagoon and River. Look out for wildlife species such as crocodiles, kingfishers, mudskippers and crabs.

Take a break for a refreshing lunch.

After lunch, with a tour guide, take a short 3 km hike to the beautiful rocky 'coconut beach' through farmlands with a variety of tropical plants, colourful butterflies, birds and squirrels. Your guide will point out some of the birds and medicinal plant species. With some luck, you might hear or even see some of the last remaining wild monkeys in the area.

By bicycle, you can also cycle to Busua. Depending on how often you stop, it is about an hour's ride through forest, farmlands, remote villages, and traditional livelihood sites. You will have the opportunity to interact with some village folk.

If you wish, continue another 2 km to Fort Metal Cross at Dixcove built by the British in 1697 and was later taken over by the Dutch. Overnight at hotel on Busua Beach. Also visit Fort Appolonia one of the less-travelled forts where you will get the real feel of the haunting history. It was built by the British in 1770 and was later bombarded in 1873. The fort was reconstructed between 1962 and 1968 by Ghanaian government.

Do not forget to take photos of the spectacular sunset.

Return to your hotel for dinner and relaxation.


AAfter breakfast, explore a little more of Butre and return to Accra.

Along the way, visit the well-preserved fort St. Sebastian, the third-oldest fortification in Ghana, in Shama and Fort Vredenburgh in Komenda, which are currently a ruin.

Continue to Accra for a late lunch and optionally undertake a souvenir shopping, after which the driver will drop you off at the Airport for check-in and departure.

Spontaneous stops based on client's interests for photography or a quick scenic gaze during the tour is allowed.

There is a possibility of witnessing a naming ceremony, join a church service or witness a funeral ceremony while tour is in session.

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8 days Adventure and historical tour of Ghana

From USD 1495 - based on one person

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