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Discover the heart of Burkina Faso in 11 days

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Arrive in Ouagadougou, Burkina Faso.

Transfer from the airport to your hotel for a welcome drink and orientation.

Day 2: Full day Ouagadagougou

Spend the entire day exploring and enjoying the atmosphere in city of Ougadougou.

After breakfast, undertake a sightseeing tour of the city and visit the traditional capital of the Mossi Empire. Visit the Artisan Centre to shop for bronze castings, carvings, masks, jewellery, including desert crosses and terracotta beads, as well as leather Tuareg boxes.

Also visit the Musee National. The museum features primarily ethnographic collections, such as clay pottery, basket making and weaving exhibits, regional costumes, including the Mossi Chief's regalia and ancestral statutes of the Bobo, Mossi, Lobi and Gurunsi people.

Optional excusions outside Ougadougou include:
- The village of Laongo, where you'll find a remarkable outdoor gallery of rock sculptures. Artists from all over the world came to Laonga and made these amazing giant sculptures from granite rocks in the landscape. Less giant but still wonderful are the iron statues made by an old craftsman in the middle of the park.
- The Manega museum is located about 50 km north of Ouagadougou. The museum has a rich collection and is full of mystery as it deals with sacred artefacts.
- The water museum in Loumbila (situated 25 km outside Ouagadougou) is focused on the bare essential of life: water. This museum explains the role of water in society, the methods used to fetch water, various types of wells and methods to purify water into drinking water. Very interesting in a country where life is very much centred around (the shortage of) water.

There is also the possibility to engage in some horse riding at Cheval Mandingue and spend the night in one of the villages at the outskirts of Ouagadougou.

Return to your hotel for dinner and relaxation.

Day 3: Ougadougou - Sabaa - Bobo Dioulasso

Depart Ouaga after breakfast and head for the city Bobo Dioulasso, the second largest city in Burkina Faso. It has a thriving market, a fine mosque and a small popular quarter, Kibidwe which is fascinating to roam around. There's also a lively music scene.

On the way, visit the Centre de Kologh Naba in Saaba, a working place for women in weaving, sewing, carpentry, soap making, masonry and gardening. The project aims to improve the living conditions of the women through training and provision of work opportunities. They have a very nice shop at the premises, whereby the profits are solely used for the benefit of the members.

Arrive in Bobo, check-in at your hotel and enjoy lunch.

In the evening, after an early dinner, save some energy for a night time enjoyment of Bobo's thriving live-music.

Day 4: Full day in Bobo Dioulasso

Explore the ancient old neighbourhoods of Bobo-Dioulasso in the morning, where you find traditional craftsmen at work and beautiful well-preserved Sudanese style mosques.

The old neighbourhood Ibidwe is also worth a visit, which hosts separate areas for animists, Muslims, Griots (story-tellers and poets) and blacksmiths.

Also visit one of the most popular attractions near Bobo, La Ginguiette, a crystal-clear bathing area located in a lush forest.

Return to your hotel for dinner and relaxation.

Day 5: Bobo Dioulasso - Banfora

Continue your journey to Banfora, located south-western of Burkina Faso; one of the most fertile regions of the country. Banfora is greener than Bobo, and of course is home to the infamous Banfora Cascades, which is about 10 km away from the city itself - but easily accessible by bike. Banfora has more Faux Types than Bobo - and you get more unsolicited attention.

Along the way, visit the Karfiguella falls, a series of waterfalls, and located 12 km of Banfora and constitutes one of the most important tourism sites in Burkina Faso and the domes of Fabedougou.

There is plenty of opportunity to walk around, to swim or take a sun-bath. In addition, enjoy a picnic at the falls. The domes of Fabedougou are bulbous rock formations created by water erosion, and relatively easy to climb.

Arrive in Banfora, check-in at your hotel for dinner and relaxation.

Day 6: Full day in Banfora

Spend the entire day in and around Banfora.

Visit the hippos at Lake Tengrela, which are considered to be holy. Even more special is the sacred Baobab tree, where you get to sit inside the tree with a local animist priest.In addition, visit the peaks of Sindou (a three-kilometre-long chain of crags) and go for a hike and enjoy the beautiful panoramic views while at it.

Return to your hotel for dinner and relaxation.

Day 7: Banfora - Niangsogoni

Spend part of the morning in the surroundings of Banfora and enjoy the beautiful panoramic views.

Continue your journey to Niangsogoni, also called the Dogon of Burkina Faso. Upon arrival, check-in at your hotel and enjoy lunch.

There are many hiking possibilities to experience after lunch and experience the rich culture of the inhabitants of the village who had to hide themselves from their enemies in the mountain walls back in the days of tribal wars.

Retire to your hotel for dinner and relaxation.

Day 8: Niangsogoni - Gaoua

Spend the morning in the surroundings of Niangsogoni and enjoy an adventurous hike.

Continue your way to Gaoua, the capital of the Lobi people, known for their distinctive culture.

Arrive in Gaoua, check-in at your hotel and enjoy lunch.

After lunch, visit some of the highlights of Gaoua.

Interesting Highlights to explore include, the architecture of the town, the ruins of the slave walls in Loropeni (UNESCO Heritage site). The Loropeni ruins are part of the larger Lobi Ruins, a 120-mile-by-60-mile cultural landscape.

Visit Musee de Poni and also, the graves of the kings in the small village of Obire. Another captivating location is Kampti, where you find an old ruin of a fort built during the French colonial era.

Return to your hotel for dinner and relaxation.

Day 9: Gaoua - Nazinga National Park

Explore more of some of the highlights in Gaoua in the morning and drive to Nazinga National Park, the most well-known elephant park in West Africa.

Arrive in Nazinga national Park, check-in at your hotel and enjoy lunch.

After lunch, go for an afternoon safari to see antelopes, monkeys, buffalos, hyenas, wild board or crocodiles, as well as birds. The best time of the year to visit the park is during the dry season, when the animals are drawn to the few remaining water sources in the park.

Return to your hotel for lunch and dinner.

Day 10: Nazinga NP - Tiebele/Tangassogo

Spend the morning in Nazinga Park on another morning safari drive before you continue your journey to the villages of Tiebele.

Arrive in Tiebele and explore the villages of Tiebele and Tangassogo, known for their special building style from the Gourounsi (Kasssana) people, where a guide will give you the explanation on the figures on the houses and materials used. Also, visit the compound of the chief of the village, where you can find all decorative style ornaments and in-depth history of the town and its people.

Check-in at your hotel for dinner and relaxation.

Day 11: Tiebele - Ouagadougou

Spend the morning in Tiebele and its surroundings before you continue your journey back to Ouagadougou.

Upon arrival, optionally undertake some souvenir shopping and prepare for check-in and departure later in the day.

Spontaneous stops based on client's interests for photography or a quick scenic gaze during the tour is allowed.

There is a possibility of witnessing a naming ceremony, join a church service or witness a funeral ceremony while tour is in session.

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Discover the heart of Burkina Faso in 11 days

From USD 2240 - based on one person

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This tour could be done by public transport as well, with the aid of a tour guide, for low budget tourists.


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  • 10 days Accommodation with standard breakfast
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