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9 days Tour of Senegal

Starting from$1980 /per person
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Day 1: Dakar City

Arrival in Dakar, the capital

Transfer from the airport to your hotel for a welcome drink and orientation.

Day 2: Lampoul Desert

In the morning, visit to the centre of Dakar, large and vibrant African metropolis that was the cultural and intellectual capital of West French Africa.

After lunch, we drive by minibus to the Lampoul Desert.

Day 3: Saint Louis

After breakfast, set off for Saint Louis, an old charming town that as for its history and its colonial and vibrant atmosphere deserves a separate chapter. Saint Louis, on the banks of the estuary of the river Senegal, was an outpost of the French colonial penetration. From the river arrived spices, slaves, gold, gum Arabic. The city is built on two large islands between the river and the ocean. Thanks to this ventilated climatic and advantageous situation, the presence of European merchants was constant, even before the colonial period.

Day 4: Djoudi National Park

Morning departure to discover a humid and isolated ecosystem: the Djoudj National Park, a natural oasis formed by hundreds of miles of partially flooded lands, is the best habitat and nesting site of over a million migratory and sedentary birds, has been declared a UNESCO World Heritage Site.

After lunch in a local restaurant, we head towards the Ferlo Desert, to discover the arid region where nomadic Fulani tribes herds large droves of zebu.

Day 5: Touba

The arrival of a group of western travelers is an unusual event in the sacred town of Touba: this is the right place to appreciate the hospitality of an African brotherhood. During the annual festival the town is visited by four million pilgrims. Continuation to Lac Rose, a shallow saltwater lake surrounded by dunes, also known as Lac Retba. The water is ten times saltier than in the ocean and because of the high concentration of minerals the lake often shimmers into pink. More than 600 workers here collect salt in the traditional way. For the more adventurous, possibility to go for a "swim", or rather a float, in the lake waters.

Day 6: Fishermen and Art Villages

Undertake a scenic driving excursion on the beach between waves and sand for miles to discover the largest fisherman village in Senegal: more than 4500 wooden pirogues bring every day to the shore the catch of the day.

Continue your journey to Dakar. Upon arrival in town, visit the "Village des Arts" composed by fifty-two artist studios. The Village is "the place" to meet the best artist and young talents of the Senegalese vibrant artistic scene.

Arrive at the port of Dakar to board the liner-ship "Aline Sitoe Diatta" that links in one night the capital of Senegal to Casamance, the southern-most region of the country.

Day 7: Casamance River

Once we leave the ocean, we will go up a water course, the Casamance River. Immersed in the pink dawn light, the fishermen in pirogues will remove the nets to let us pass. The dolphins will joyfully follow us. Around us, on the banks of the river we will discover a new landscape: an exuberant environment of large African trees, of sacred forests where animism persists along with native and original forms of religious beliefs. A "Taxi Brousse" after a short ride, will take us to Cap Skirring.

A night of strolling in Cap Skirring, in search of music of local "color", between mbalax and salsa.

Day 8: Casamance

The architecture of the Diojlas of Casamance, reflects the typical defense of the egalitarian and a cephalous tribal societies, often victims of the expansionism of ethnic groups that showed more hierarchical forms of organization. The "impluvium houses" are authentic "fortified" constructions where the harmony of shape and the fusion of traditional materials (wood and clay) are a beautiful and clear example of "sculptural architecture".

During our visit, we will also be received by the king of one of the oldest kingdoms of the Casamance. At the end of the afternoon, we will go down a small path until we reach a small town, where the masks emerge from the sacred forest. The mask is feared and respected by the local population and has a regulating role in the personal conflicts.

Day 9: island of Gore

Early morning transfer to the airport to enjoy a spectacular flight that flies over estuaries and the Atlantic coast to Dakar. Upon arrival, transfer to the Port of Dakar to board the ferry which will take you to the island of Gore. Facing Dakar, Gore, was the point where the slaves were crammed into, waiting to be shipped to the Americas. Today the island has taken a new dimension: its breezy climate, history and well maintained colonial architecture, together with nice restaurants and boutiques, make Gore an interesting and attractive destination for local and foreign visitors.

Return to Dakar and possibly undertake some souvenir shopping until your final transfer to the airport for check-in and departure.

Spontaneous stops based on client's interests for photography or a quick scenic gaze during the tour is allowed.

There is a possibility of witnessing a naming ceremony, join a church service or witness a funeral ceremony while tour is in session.

Cancellation Policy

Worlanyo Tours' cancellation policy is applied as follows:
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Cancellations made 45 to 30 days prior to the start to the tour will be charged cancellation fee of 20% of the tour cost.
Cancellations made 25 to 15 days prior to the start to the tour will be charged cancellation fee of 25% of the tour cost.
Cancellations made 15 days or less prior to the start of the tour will be charged cancellation of 100%, meaning no refund.

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9 days Tour of Senegal

From USD 1980 - based on one person

Take this tour with a friend or friends to share the cost

This tour could be done by public transport as well, with the aid of a tour guide, for low budget tourists.


cost includes
  • Round trip Airport transfer
  • 8 days Vehicle + Boat transports
  • Fuel and toll
  • 8 days Accommodation with standard breakfast
  • One-way domestic flight
  • Professional tour guide
  • Food
  • Beverages
  • Drinks
  • Souvenirs and other personal expenses
  • Tour activities and excursions
  • Gratuities (Optional)
  • Travel insurance (recommended)

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