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The Volta region is a lush green Region of Ghana, composed of mountains, rivers, gardens and waterfalls are the main natural attractions of this area. Ewe is the predominate language of the Region.

Day 1: Accra - Wli

The driver will meet you at your hotel or residence in the morning and depart to Wli, known for the highest falls in Ghana, called the Agumatsa Falls in the Volta Region of Ghana.

Along the way, visit Cedi Beads in Odumasi, where you can take part in a workshop to see the processing of traditional glass beads making from recycled glass from start to finish. There is a shop available at the premises, where you will see the exhibition and sales of the finished glass beads.

Also, visit the Tafi Atome Monkey Sanctuary along the way, a small community with a large monkey population, which are traditionally sacred to its inhabitants and protected from poaching.

Another option is a visit to the Tafi Abuipe Kente weaving village, one of Ghana's major kente-weaving centres. Most of the weavers work outdoors, which gives the village an interesting and interactive atmosphere.

Continue to Wli, check-in to your hotel on arrival and enjoy a late lunch.

After lunch, enjoy a hike to the lower part of the Agumatsa falls. Once you reach the falls, you may decide to take a swim in the basin of the falls.

Return to your hotel for dinner and relaxation.

Day 2: Wli - Liate Wote - Amedzofe

After breakfast, continue your way to Amedzofe, the highest hilltop settlement in Ghana and surrounded by the lush vegetation and rolling hills of the mountains of Avatime.

Along the way, visit Liate Wote, apicturesquevillage, nestled in the heart of the Volta Region at the foot of the range of mountains that make up the Ghana/Togo border; Liati Wote is a hidden paradise, with over 300 species of butterflies in its forest, home to one of the largest butterflies count in Ghana.

The village is the ultimate place to experience rural community life.The friendly local people are always ready to welcome you and see to it that your visit was worth the trip.

There are hiking possibilities like taking a hike through coffee and cocoa fields and untouched forestto the Tagbo falls and the more adventurous 1.5 hours climb to thetopofGhana's highestmountain, Mount Afadjato, which stands at (2905 ft).

Another interesting experience is to join one of the local farmers to their farmlands.

Arrive in Amedzofe, check-in to your hotel, enjoy a late lunch and undertake a hike to the peak of Mount Gemi with one of the local guides.

Spend the rest of the day to enjoy the atmosphere in Amedzofe where you will see some of the historical landmarks indicating the German presence in this area including the missionary work, and the development of the Evangelical-Presbyterian Church that influenced the area.

Return to your hotel for dinner and relaxation.

Day 3: Amedzofe - Keta

After breakfast, enjoy another one and a half hours hike, where you find yourself through the forest to the Ote Falls. It is an adventurous trail with the possibility of taking a refreshing swim upon reaching the falls.

Continue your journey to Keta, the southern-most coastal town of the Volta Region.

Along the way, visit the Volta Regional museum in Ho. This museum was established in 1973 to preserve and exhibit cultural artefacts and other historical items that depict the people's heritage. It main focus is ethnographic history, where you get to be told about the history of the people.

Also, make a short stop in the Kente weaving village Kpetoe, where you can observe the process of local cloth weaving.

Arrive in Keta and check-in to your hotel and enjoy lunch.

After lunch, Visit Fort Prinzenstein, built by the Danes in 1784 during the era of trans-Atlantic slave trade and used as a prison. It actually functioned until 1980 as a prison, until it was damaged by a storm in 1980. It has most recently been partly restored and opened like a museum.

Spend the rest of the day exploring the Keta Lagoon; an internationally recognized wetlands area where many migratory birds live and the landscape is stunning (especially the months just after the rainy season). It is also possible to undertake a boat trip through the lagoon and the estuary, where you experience the mangroves and many little tropical islands and the sea.

Return to your resort and relax or walk along-side the beach here you see the fishermen at work, pulling up their nets from the sea.

Day 4: Keta - Sogakope - Accra

After breakfast, explore a little more of Keta and return to Accra.

Along the way, visit Sogakope and surroundings. A possible excursion is to visit the village Tosukpo, where you could possibly (on request) undertake an adventurous excursion to the wetlands of the Avu Lagoon, home to the only aquatic antelope, the Sitatunga, and a variety of exotic savannah and water birds. Walk to the picturesque village of Bludo, which is surrounded by water and sugar cane plantations or engage in one of the other excursions in the Avu Lagoon area, like a visit to the local gin distillation; also interact with the indigenes.

An alternative activity is tojoin a Voodoo ceremony: The frenetic rhythm of the drums and chants of the adepts help to call the voodoo spirit who takes possession of some of the dancers who fall into a deep trance: eyes rolling back, grimaces, convulsions, insensitivity to fire or pain. Sakpata, Heviesso, Mami Water and other voodoos are showing their presence by taking possession of their adepts. In this narrow village, surrounded by the magic atmosphere of a voodoo ceremony, we will finally understand how traditions are still deeply rooted in African soul.

Continue to Accra and end the tour in the evening, where the driver will drop you off at your pick up point.

Spontaneous stops based on client's interests for photography or a quick scenic gaze during the tour is allowed.

There is a possibility of witnessing a naming ceremony, join a church service or witness a funeral ceremony while tour is in session.

Cancellation Policy

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Cancellations made 25 to 15 days prior to the start to the tour will be charged cancellation fee of 25% of the tour cost.
Cancellations made 15 days or less prior to the start of the tour will be charged cancellation of 100%, meaning no refund.

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Pro-rata refunds will be made if alternate arrangements are not comparable to the original tour services, Please note: Domestic flights may be replaced by ground transportation, if the domestic flight schedule renders flights impossible within the constraints of a tour and/or the tour dates; In this case, the missed flights ac non-refundable as the ticket price will be used to make alternate land arrangements

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From USD 690 - based on one person

This tour could be done by public transport as well, with the aid of a tour guide, for low budget tourists.


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  • Tour activities and excursions
  • Gratitudes (Optional)
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